Episode 15: Total Football eh Frank…More like total bollocks

September 30, 2020

Oi haters!!! PodClast has made it to episode 15 so suck it. In this edition , Cla and Hoge discuss how to prevent the obesity epidemic that is coming after this pandemic. All it takes is constant ribbing….of the slagging kind now, not of the beef kind ye pack of turds. Cla discusses how even in his dreams…he cant really dream and the boys express there love for McGruber…..pretty…pretty ..shit if your not a fan.


September 17, 2020

Jody O Sullivan joins to boys from Boston on the first transatlantic PodClast.  He tells the lads whats really going on in America…apparently not much. Hoge confronts Jody about his showering on there trip which Jody disputes and then about how he showered Jody with lies back in 2nd year of school which Jody..cant remember a morsel of. Cla and Hoge discuss Christoper Nolan’s new film Tenet . Cla argues about how stupid and needlessly complicated Christoper Nolan’s films are , in such stupid and needlessly complicated way , that it could be the plot of a Christoper Nolan film. Also what makes a hero?….apparently not dying

PodClast Episode 13: God Damn It Johnson!

September 1, 2020

JohnsonHoge finally reveals the answer to the most pressing of question that has plagued the PodClast since its inception – why didn’t Lyndon B Johnson run for a 2nd term? – and its going to rock your world. Hoge tells Cla about his island hopping around the east coast, Cla asks who can you make love to someone with the same haircut as you, tells a tale about a woman who struck the ground and a vagabond who struck gold.

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PodClast Episode 12: Bumble in the Jungle!

July 27, 2020

1595821388255_PHOTO-2020-07-25-17-33-55The boys pay their respect to Irish legend Jack Charlton and Middle Eastern barbers. Cla discuses what price you would be wiling to pay to save a shit situation. Hoge tells us about his shakedown in a Nigerian airport. The boys get into the weeds of the new smash hit tv show, Cla. Bumble, a dating app that Cla tries, creeps him out. Hoge tells us about a date he went on with the daughter of J Edgar Hoover.


PodClast Episode Eleven: No Sex , More lies, and You Better Have Returned That F##king Videotape

July 9, 2020

imageedit_2_9821683119Cla tells Hoge about a tear-jerking romantic date he had in the village of love…Ennis. The boys discuss how only real spoofers can spoof, this conclusion is drawn from their own car crash entries into the spoof world. Cla figures out how to get to the top of the comedy pyramid in Ireland. There is also a ground breaking reveal from Hoge that’s going to shock the world of one longtime listener to PodClast.


PodClast Episode Ten

June 21, 2020

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-20 at 17.52.16In Episode Ten, Cla and Hoge discuss how an evil twin can actually corrupt the good twin and they become more evil than the other twin. Who’s the better man? Woody Allen or ahhh…Hitler? How Freddie Mercury fooled the world, shame on the world really and also how return trips after a heavy defeat in rugby  can actually be the best craic.