Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 13: Self-Fellating Finnane (No longer available for reasons of sexiness)

Sadly Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 13 has been deemed ‘too sexy for the internet’ so the only place it can now be found is on the notorious and deadly podcast black market.

2 Responses to “Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 13: Self-Fellating Finnane (No longer available for reasons of sexiness)”

  1. Ciara Fabella Says:

    Hey lads!! Listened to all the podcast in the last couple of weeks, great escape from big LC thoughts and stresses! Absolutely looove ye. Im from the midlands(iradio dropout) but if im ever in Limerick, will defintely be looking for Cla’s suspicious place of work 😉 in hope I might see the legend in person!! So! What happened to the guests challenge of eating the whole apple?! I think you should bring it back or maybe for the new year, bring in the cinnamon challenge!! 😀 after watching “Damo and Ivors” Ivor doing it, and i was in stitches laughing at that, i’d say Cla and Hogey would be UBER funny to listen to! Should probably cover the microphones though!! And what about whos the better person, Cla or Hoge?! Think you might have a chance this time Hoge 🙂 anyways, take care! Have a nice christmas, trying to make this one extra nice for my sister who missed it last year in Oz. (after hearing how ye were disappointed with the xmas the year after you missed it 🙂 any ideas?! 😀 so yeh, Merry Christmas and btw how do i get a hold of the infamous Episode 13?! Suffering withdrawl symptoms, havent heard a new podcast in too many days! 😛 chat ya later, Fabella from Bressieland 😀

  2. Hoge Says:

    Hey Ciara, thanks a million! Drop an email to hogensmith@gmail.com and I’ll see if we can sort you out with the banned pod!

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