Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 14: Hunky Dory Hoge ‘n’ Smith

Hoge ‘n’ Smith revisit the notorious Episode 13, make a big announcement, display some serious guy love,discuss hunky dory girls, hear from Cla and recruit a none-the-wiser Jody to decide who is a better person.

Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 14

Don’t forget to check out our talented friends @



http://www.reverbnation.com/skazzie (Final song written by Bjorn)

2 Responses to “Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 14: Hunky Dory Hoge ‘n’ Smith”

  1. Bock the Robber Says:

    Nice podcast lads, but what’s the story with the spammy advertisements? I’m not entirely convinced that I’m the 10,000th visitor.

  2. Hoge Says:

    Only saw your comment now Bock, as much as I’d love to think we had that many visitors methinks you might be accfurate in your scepticism! Didn’t realise that was occurring, got any suggestions for how we can get rid of them?

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