Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 19: Hoge ‘n’ Cla

Hoge and Cla prepare for the future by hosting the first Smithless Hoge ‘n’ Smith in which the listeners are treated to the remainder of Cla’s Canadian Odyssey, hear how he has the heart of a lion but the body of Bobby Sands, and learn some of the things you definitely should not do on an oil rig or a clothes shop.


Twitter: @sandtosnow

Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode Episode 19

3 Responses to “Hoge ‘n’ Smith Episode 19: Hoge ‘n’ Cla”

  1. Phil Says:

    Haha the best podcast! Love the aul stories from cla! Breakin my Bollox laughing. Keep cla on the show!

  2. Matthew D'Arcy Coulson Says:

    It may be time, John, for a special guest.

  3. Hoge Says:

    Matt my ol’ flower, are you proposing a trip to Limerick?!!!

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