Hoge ‘n’ Smith 33: Guitar Douches and Greed

1240-MadeInChelsea-mf-102412-g14Miriam joins Dave and Hoge on the first Cla-less podcast in an age to discuss the evil of guitar douches and greed, while also spending an inordinate amount of time talking about TV, which leads to Hoge getting highly emotional over the scourge that is ‘Made in Chelsea’. This week’s episode also features the audio of Maghnus and Burnsy appearing with Matt Cooper on The Last Word this week to discuss their incredible expedition across Asia.

Send all of your problems for Cla’s consideration to hogensmith@gmail.com or @hogensmith on Twitter!

Before you do any of that though, go to http://www.sand2snowadventures.com to check out the lads progress and to find out how you can donate to Self Help Africa.


One Response to “Hoge ‘n’ Smith 33: Guitar Douches and Greed”

  1. Paul Says:

    Note to self: Never send my children to the Comp

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