Hoge ‘n’ Smith 58: Are you listening Mr. Tayto?

IMG_7452Hoge and Cla sit down to discuss why they didn’t do a podcast for six months. Other topics on the agenda include missing dogs, Cla’s day in court with his mother, the perils of Tinder, an appearance from the hottest Irish hip-hop act since Samantha Mumba, a unique idea for an art exhibit and a pitch to Mr. Tayto that we’d like your help in promoting.

Our friends, Maghnus and Burnsy, have begun their latest adventure which sees them attempt to swim around the entire Irish coastline. Head over to their site for more details and to make a donation. They are doing it to support the work of Gorta-Self Help Africa and the RNLI so your contribution, no matter how small, makes a genuine difference to people’s lives.

Almost as important are our efforts to get Tayto to use Cla’s debut song in one of their ads. Once you’ve heard the song, please do us a kindness by asking Mr. Tayto on Facebook and Twitter to give it a listen too.

Opening tune this week is ‘I fought the law’ by The Clash.


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