Jamie Clancy makes the PodClast. The less you know about him, the better.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sully Says:

    Great work, but a suggestion – the ‘Who is a Better Person’ tab on the side of the page is a bit of a spoiler, especially since it currently says it’s 2:1 to Smith, yet there’s only been two episodes.

    Congrats on having a well-daycent Limerick-based podcast!

  2. Hoge Says:

    Cheers Sully! many thanks for the compliments, delighted you listened to the pod. I acknowledge that the competition to see who is a better person is somewhat confusing but the reason for the score is that week one ended in a draw so we allocated a point to both of us and unfortunately Smith got the better of me the next week, perhaps a half point each would have been wiser though!

  3. Sully Says:

    Brain fart – a few minutes into the second episode, I remembered that the first WIABP was a draw, but I still maintain that the tension in the first episode was quite engrossing.

  4. crecoracornerback Says:

    Good work lads, good to see you boys are keeping occupied in your spare time.

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