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Episode 32: VietDAMN!

November 24, 2021

In this episode of PodClast, Cla discusses how we have yet to figure out that someone who is charismatic and someone who is a sociopath are usually the same person. Cla recommends a film that’s about comedy, that isn’t that funny but recommends a book about the Vietnam war that’s hilarious. His gripe is with nonsense american television, so now ye can sit down and listen to this nonsense Irish Podclast. So tuck in

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Episode 31: OUCH!!

November 2, 2021

In this episode Cla is scared out of his bachelor life by the obituaries. He commits to make sacrifices to prevent being survived by a pair of timberland boots.s. The film is a Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill romp and the book is Ghosts of Manila by Mark Kram…its a controversial one.  So lace up those gloves and lets get it on, for another Podclast!!

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Episode 30: Dublin…Lets Ave it!!

October 27, 2021

In this episode of Podclast. Cla goes to our nations capital to be inspired…turns out its not the inspiration he was after. He discusses how dogs have terrible memories for remembering their owners friends and how hard hitting prison dramas should really be on after midday. The film is actually a new release, it’s Dune and the book is actually a new release…if this was the year 1990 and its called Among the Thugs. So wrap its up and slap it up, coz here is Podclast!!

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Episode 29: Marathon Des Sables?… Completed it mate.

October 19, 2021

In this episode Cla is joined by John…Mcnamara. John is just back after completing the Marathon Des Sables. It’ regarded as the toughest foot race on the face of the planet,  although Hell and back out in Adare might have something to say about that!. So prepare to feel fat and lazy as Johnny regales us with his epic journey. The film Cla recommends leads to a gripe so you’re better off ignoring it. The Book is about the movies of 1999 and the gripe, well I’ll just leave that as a surprise. Snap back and and enjoy another episode of Podclast.

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Episode 28: Some Heat There Now

October 12, 2021

In this episode of Podclast, Cla discusses unisex toilet etiquette, how he has to cover up other peoples messes. He comes across¬† a single dad that makes his heart warm because of whats in his shopping trolley. The movie is the crime masterpiece Heat and the book is about an iconic football club that Cla talks about for 20 min…ya skip that bit. Also Rolling Stone magazine gets the full brunt of Cla’s gripe. So lets get this Podclast on,¬† Podclasters!!

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Episode 27: The Clatrix…Take the F**king Blue Pill!!

September 28, 2021

In this episode of Podclast, Cla discusses what camera phones should definitely not be used for. How a lot of women are starting to resemble Barry the Bass. How Tatyo are yet again setting themselves up for an epic fail and also how one idiot manged to get four things wrong. The film recommendation is an action/sci-fi masterpiece and the book is about Cla’s favorite obsessive. So duck and cover and get ready for the P-Bomb to drop, its on!

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