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Episode 23: A Telly Ban!!…Oh the Taliban…That’s Much Worse.

August 23, 2021

In this episode of Podclast, Cla takes pop shots at seagulls and, controversially, the Taliban. He discusses his trip to the seaside and how we’ve got it back to front with who we should be sending to war. So grease up and dive into another gripping episode of Podclast.

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Episode 22: Guess Who’s Coming to Podclast?

August 16, 2021

In this episode of Podclast, Cla sits down with a mystery guest. Ya, you guessed right, it’s Hoge. The two boys discuss what is going on in both their lives. It turns out Hoge is getting beaten up in jiu-jitsu tournaments and Cla is about to get beaten up by going back on stage. It’s a podcast like never before, because Cla was standing up during the recording of it. He’s never done that, and wait ’til you hear the difference! So buckle up Podclasters, it’s about to get bipedal up in this place!!

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PodClast Episode 21: Cromwell? No, Cromshit

August 9, 2021

In this episode of Podclast, Cla tries to figure out why young people are still enamoured with the Ra. Cla believes cromwell has a lot to answer for. He recommends a  Wes Anderson Movie and also a book about The Beatles. This week’s gripe is about a ‘Local Limerick Lad’ who has ‘done good’ by shitting on Limerick. Strap in for another episode of the electrifying Podclast

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Episode 20: Cla Solo.

August 2, 2021

Laugh it up fuzzballs coz there’s a new top Dogg in…..Doggtown I suppose. The restricter called John Joseph Hogan has been lifted, this is Cla like you’ve never heard him before…well he sounds exactly like you heard him before but different!!….Well it’s John Hogan’s voice that isn’t there, so that’s the different sound. Anyway!!! It’s the real deal Vitamin J coming at ya on his own. I’m not going to ruin the surprise with a synopsis of the show, so just dig in Podclasters!!

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PodClast Episode 19: From Jurassic/ People’s Park Here Comes PodClast!!

July 5, 2021

This episode of Podclast comes straight from South Central LC….ahh peoples park. Cla and Hoge discuss park life. How much ink can you tattoo on a neck, has Instagram given us great butts and knockers but is it taking something in return?  Cla describes being set upon by bungling muggers, but great long distant runners. Also over  a quarter of the episode is given over to , in Cla’s opinion, a shit movie. This is maybe the worst summarising of an episode that’s ever been done, but its actually a good one….Apologies for the sound, there is some wind blowing…..and its not John Hogan..whe whe whe

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PodClast Episode 18: Born To Spoof

May 28, 2021

PodClast returns after a 6 month hiatus , and this episode was worth the wait…well if you were waiting for a discussion about how Cla and Bruce Springsteen are kindred spirits in they way that they both think Bruce Springsteen is  a fraud , about how Hoge,s great grand father went to join the priesthood in New Zealand and instead joined partying down and how Cla learned about the unknown secret cubicle etiquette of public toilets. So if you were waiting for that , then damn son.. you came to the right place.

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