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Episode 20: Cla Solo.

August 2, 2021

Laugh it up fuzzballs coz there’s a new top Dogg in…..Doggtown I suppose. The restricter called John Joseph Hogan has been lifted, this is Cla like you’ve never heard him before…well he sounds exactly like you heard him before but different!!….Well it’s John Hogan’s voice that isn’t there, so that’s the different sound. Anyway!!! It’s the real deal Vitamin J coming at ya on his own. I’m not going to ruin the surprise with a synopsis of the show, so just dig in Podclasters!!

Press here in less than twelve parsecs for Cla Solo

PodClast Episode 19: From Jurassic/ People’s Park Here Comes PodClast!!

July 5, 2021

This episode of Podclast comes straight from South Central LC….ahh peoples park. Cla and Hoge discuss park life. How much ink can you tattoo on a neck, has Instagram given us great butts and knockers but is it taking something in return?  Cla describes being set upon by bungling muggers, but great long distant runners. Also over  a quarter of the episode is given over to , in Cla’s opinion, a shit movie. This is maybe the worst summarising of an episode that’s ever been done, but its actually a good one….Apologies for the sound, there is some wind blowing…..and its not John Hogan..whe whe whe

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PodClast Episode 18: Born To Spoof

May 28, 2021

PodClast returns after a 6 month hiatus , and this episode was worth the wait…well if you were waiting for a discussion about how Cla and Bruce Springsteen are kindred spirits in they way that they both think Bruce Springsteen is  a fraud , about how Hoge,s great grand father went to join the priesthood in New Zealand and instead joined partying down and how Cla learned about the unknown secret cubicle etiquette of public toilets. So if you were waiting for that , then damn son.. you came to the right place.

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PodClast Episode 17:Two Guys , a Girl and a Damn Dog

November 19, 2020

The boys are joined by long time listener first time /second time guest Miriam Walsh and it could not have come at a better time. Cla discusses his most resent dalliance with the opposite sex and gets some advice off Miriam..but the advice is made redundant by the appearance of a damn dog. They discuss Sopranos again but end up getting Lost, and Miriam tells the lads about motherhood , something that John Hogan will never experience but Cla is still holding out for.

PodClast Episode 16:Rejection at 20,000 Feet.

October 23, 2020

In this episode , Cla and Hoge sit down and try to help Cla figure out if an old flame from his military days still has a eyes for him. The boys fall into a heated debate about…aaah Cuckold…. or is it Cockhold? Cla argues that  Starbucks in Limerick needs  some soundproofing, while Hoge talks Succession and Cla ponders how some people lose sight of their ugly, balding selves as they get older

PodClast Episode 15: Total Football eh Frank…More like total bollocks

September 30, 2020

Oi haters!!! PodClast has made it to episode 15 so suck it. In this edition , Cla and Hoge discuss how to prevent the obesity epidemic that is coming after this pandemic. All it takes is constant ribbing….of the slagging kind now, not of the beef kind ye pack of turds. Cla discusses how even in his dreams…he cant really dream and the boys express there love for McGruber…..pretty…pretty ..shit if your not a fan.