PodClast Episode 5: I Don’t Know About These Dutch Hoge!

October 15, 2019

Adobe_20201007_143007Cla leaves the viper pit of limerick city to the liberal  pit of the Netherlands. there he meets up with  mystery guest……ya its hoge.

The boys discuss tinder in Holland , old people skipping queues but not to heaven, Tony Robbins and his snake oil, and Cla’s fear of talking to the Dutch and also his fear of being alone…on the podcast


PodClast Episode 4: To Be Frank…This Wake Needs a Warrior

September 20, 2019

warriorFrank McCarthy beams down from his home planet to appear on PodClast. The boys reminisce about the time they were gun-slinging radio mavericks  on the FÁS course in Radio Kerry. They discuss how one man’s maniac is another man’s inspiration, why wrestling could be  used to help the bereaved deal with their loss, beautiful bombs and trying to fit in at the Limerick School of Art and Design.


PodClast Episode 3: I’m Going on the Lam, Head

September 6, 2019

Adobe_20201007_150527Maghnus Collins joins Cla on PodClast for a discussion on returning to college, the lack of room for genocide in romance, jokes that morph into the truth, the Beatles, Cla’s introduction to movie superstardom….. and also his exit from movie superstardom.


PodClast Episode 2: The Tough 2nd Album

August 16, 2019

Adobe_20201007_220245Cla and a very special guest sit down for a discussion on moving abroad, relationships, Tinder dates, comedy career breaks and the merits of regularly releasing podcasts.

In a complete reversal of the position advertised in the last podcast, PodClast will be available from this point forward on the Hoge ‘n’ Smith podcast feed. Enjoy!


PodClast Episode I: And Hoge’n’Smith Made PodClast

May 29, 2018

Adobe_20201007_155331Hoge ‘n’ Smith is dead, long live PodClast! Here is the first ever episode of Cla’s first podcast, with a very special first guest that will really blow your socks off.

The topics discussed include Cla’s comedy career in recent months, including an account of an earth-shattering bombing. Also covered; getting free food from listeners to the show, some of the high points from Hoge ‘n’ Smith, ideas for PodClast, risky dating strategies, what the lads have been watching and much more.

On this occasion only, PodClast will be getting posted on the Hoge ‘n’ Smith RSS feed. To subscribe to future episodes of PodClast, you’ll have to find it in your usual podcast directory and subscribe!


Hoge ‘n’ Smith 71: The Final Episode

February 9, 2018

IMG_0747FOR the first time in years, and the last time ever, Hoge, Smyth, Cla and Dave sit down to record an episode of the podcast. The boys discuss the appeal of podcasts over radio, the value of real world versus online interaction, old friends, new vendettas, the comedy of Dave Chappelle, the Tommy Tiernan Show and some of their favourite moments from over 8 years of Hoge ‘n’ Smyth.

Listen right to the end for a final episode bonus track. Follow Cla on Twitter @jamie_cla for updates on PodClast, which should be out anytime between next week and 2025. Thanks to everyone for listening!